Saturday, May 1, 2010

Where I've Been...Where I'm going

On January 1, 2008, I weighed in at my highest ever...209 lbs. I was in an unhappy relationship, an emotional eater, unmotivated and recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and pre-diabetes.

To be 29 years old and just told that I was pre-diabetic, that scared me. That is what motivated me. I didn't want to be sick. I didn't want to be unhappy anymore.

It took some time to get the medication worked out for the Fibromyalgia, but I signed up at the gym and began taking water aerobics classes. I found that even though I couldn't walk on a treadmill for 3o minutes, I could be in the water and work out for an hour and not hurt as much.

I lost 40lbs in the first year and began working out with a personal trainer to lose another 30+ lbs.

I reached my goal of 135 lbs in October 2009. I had been hovering about 136/137 until now, which brings me to the reason for this blog. The last three months have been pretty tough. I had a tough breakup, fought a staph infection for a few months without even knowing it then and an allergic reaction to the medication for it and loads of family drama. Even got on a plane to fly to CA to say goodbye to my mother because were going to take her off life support, only to have her live. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.

So now, here I am, above 140 for certain, but afraid to get on the scale and still eating and not really exercising. I'm suppose to be training for a 10 mile race in June and I'm struggling to get focused again and need something...need someone to get me there. I posted on Craigs List in hopes of finding a running partner, but no such luck just yet. So I thought why not start blogging about it, why not start talking about it. Maybe it'll motivate me to get back on track again, maybe if I feel like I'm reporting to people, it'll keep me more in check.
So here I am, a Woman on a Mission, to get focused again, to get back on track, to get back to my goal, to maintain and to tone up and be where I need to be.


  1. Hey... try to go forward - if you see 140 lbs. on that scale, that is a step backward for you. In your case, its not just about appearance, its your health. With everything you've been through, do you really want to take on weight/health issues on top of everything else?

    I can't run with you every day because you're in Baltimore and I am in New York. I am willing, however, to make a commitment to run on my end if you run on your end. We could be together in spirit and we can check in on each other as often as you'd like. What do you say?

  2. I think you should sign up to run a 5k. =o)

  3. I love your blog... very inspirational!

  4. Hey Girl - Love this blog and that you write so well!

    Maybe you can get me to run without running circles around me? You are so far ahead of me in the activity department!

    Ps - yoga or not, I think you're doing great! :)

  5. Thanks Isabel!

    Darlyn, I can run with you on a Saturday (on my off training days) sometime if you'd like. =o)