Monday, May 17, 2010

Week in Review

Why is it so hard to get up early on a Monday morning? Had the alarm set and was certain this would be the week I made it all 5 days. Nope...back to bed I went until 7 am. Decided since I worked out for 8 days straight, I deserved a "rest day". Didn't make it up Tuesday am either, but I did make it up Wednesday. Go me! Also did abs this week on Wednesday and Friday, the only two days I made it up at 6 am. =o)

Met up with CCJ Tuesday night for a great 6 mile run and did an awesome 8 mile run Thursday evening, all on my lonesome! Thank goodness I made it to 8 miles! Of course, this was after I shared the fabulous peanut butter ripple cheesecake with a friend at lunch. I needed the run after that!

Thank goodness I worked out Friday morning because I enjoyed some mediocre steak quesadillas and wings for dinner at Happy Hour! Hopefully I worked some of that off doing spin Saturday morning CCJ too!

Less than 30 days until the Baltimore 10 Miler! I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.


  1. OMG 8 miles, and 6 am, those are things I can never see myslef doing! Go you! You are a true inspiration, I am CERTAIN, not only to me!

  2. Awe, thanks Isabel! Hopefully, we'll be running the NY half marathon together next year!