Sunday, May 9, 2010

Week in review

I started the week at 141.5 (Monday, 05/03) and weighed in today at 136. Awesome! I pulled my sh*t together this week and got it in gear. There were hard runs, tough upper body workouts and even tougher ab workouts, but it all paid off. I even managed to get up at 6 am a couple of days last week to work out before work.

Unfortunately, my legs were so worn out from Thursday's 7 mile run that I had to skip my Saturday morning work out, but the rest day definitely helped my body heal and be ready for today's run, which was the best I've felt in the last two weeks. The weather was beautiful and my body was feeling well rested.

The Fibromyalgia wasn't too happy this week, but it'll get over it. That's what the meds are for right!? More than one day when there was an extra dose of Lyrica and even a bit of Tramadol. They are my friends. It's hard to keep it all balanced sometimes, between what I know I can do and what the FM is willing to let me do.

The goal this week? Get up EVERYDAY at 6 am to work out and start my new and improved routine meant to increase cardio, work on my abs and upper body. I may even be able to upgrade to 8 lbs! Woohoo!

Possibly the best part of the week, I may have found two running partners! One for my Sunday morning runs and the other for my Tuesday and Thursday runs. I met one of my new running buddies this morning and though DM slowed down a bit and didn't really complete all 5 miles (he took a short cut back), we were able to finish the run together and are looking forward to meeting again next Sunday. I hope to meet my 2nd running buddy, CCJ, Tuesday evening for a 6 mile run at Patterson Park and again for an 8 mile run at Druid HIll Lake. Go us!

And a special thanks to my good friend Sandy, who gave me a gift card to for my birthday. I ordered a hydration pack to keep me hydrated on my runs. Can't wait till it arrives. Thanks Sandy!

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