Monday, November 29, 2010

Turkey Day vs. Me

The Holidays are upon us and so is the yearly battle with not gaining the dreaded "holiday weight".

Last year on Thanksgiving morning, I was up at 6 am for a 7am spin class. For dinner, it was just my sister and I and we made a vegetable with some fast and fancy green beans, a sweet potato bake, and addicting roasted cauliflower. The best part, I ate it all guilt free.

This year, my sweethearts family joined us for Thanksgiving. The plan was to get up every day at 6 am to keep to my usual schedule and routine. That was to include my weekly runs, P90X DVDs and the stair master. More importantly, the plan was to enjoy my Turkey dinner, but in moderation.

I would love to say that I did all of the above, but the truth is...I didn't even come close. I can blame the not exercising on the company. Which is true, but only in part. If I really wanted too, I could have made time and excused myself to get it done. But I just didn't feel like it. In fact, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my boyfriend had to force me out of bed to work out. I was grateful later but downright whinny at the time. As for food....I indulged in waaaay to much mash potatoes, macaroni and cheese and the best....cheesecake, pumpkin pie and even some awesome mimosas.

The result of my Happy Thanksgiving on my body? I have yet to brave the scale. I decided I'll get back on track today and weigh in on Sunday. I didn't quite make it up for my 6 am workout as planned but I did get it in when I got home tonight. However, due to the many splurges on this Monday, I really don't think the workout made a dent in the extra calories I consumed and didn't need today. That's the hardest part of cheating on a holiday like Thanksgiving. I've gotten so use to taking in larger quantities of calories than I'm use too and suddenly I am cutting back and I feeling starved!

To make matters even worse? The lack of exercise flared up the Fibromyalgia. By Friday, everything was aching at some point or another and the meds just weren't cutting through the pain and the exhaustion was setting in. Oddly enough, this made me NOT want to exercise even more!

I guess the lesson learned this fine Holiday is that you can't win them all. Now it's time to get back on track. No body is perfect.

Thanksgiving is now over and Christmas is just around the corner. I will be spending it in NC with my sweethearts family. Lets hope I make out better this time. If not with the food, at least with the exercising!

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