Monday, September 20, 2010

Running - be it on the road or hitting the trails

I have just realized that it has been over a month since I last posted; shortly after I completed my first 50k in Lancaster on my mountain bike.

Currently, I am training for the Baltimore Running Festival, where I will be running my first half marathon. For this reason, I will be running 10 miles this weekend. It will be the 2nd time ever having done so and the 1st time since I ran the Baltimore 10 Miler in June. I ran 9 miles yesterday morning and having skipped my 5 mile run on Thursday, it was not easy, to say the least. I have 3 more long runs, including this weekend, to slowly increase my mileage from 10, 11, and then 12. I’ll run 13 for the first time the day of the race. Less than a month to go!

To help aid me in my training, I decided to once again try those energy packets you squeeze down while running. My first experience with the energy pack was a different brand and I didn’t think I as going to be able to keep it down. It was like warm strawberry/banana yogurt. This time I tried an apple cinnamon gel flavor by “Boom” and damn, was that good. Imagine running along and opening up a packet of apple pie filling and squeezing it into your mouth. All that was missing was the crust! Not sure it gave me the energy it promised, but who cares when you’ve got squeezy apple pie on the run! Next up this weekend will be the “Gu” brand. Lets up it’s just as good as “Boom”!

Before the big race, I have the Race for the Cure 5k, the first weekend in October. Nothing like a good 5k to get the adrenaline going. Can’t wait to run with the Team – Go Anytime Fitness in White Marsh!

Once I complete the half-marathon and my official training is over, I’ve decided I might look into some trail running. For the locals, no, the NCR trail does not count. While visiting a friend in NC back in July, I got to experience trailing running for the first time in the beautiful Umstead Park. I probably ran about 4 miles but due to the uneven path, rocks, tree roots and all sorts of other natural obstacles I had to avoid, it felt like 6 miles. I would prefer to forget that I failed to avoid those natural obstacles a couple of times, but given my clumsy history, I expected nothing less and I believe my friends would be disappointed if I hadn't fallen at least once, haha.

In addition to the try trail running, I need to decide where I’ll be completing my full marathon in 2011. If I am going to make it 26 miles, I would prefer it to be flat. Baltimore, I have learned, is not flat. What's better than going on vacation to run 26 miles! Nada! Therefore, I will be scheduling next years vacation around running my first marathon. Right now, Little Rock Arkansas is on the table. Disney’s marathon sounds awesome but I won't be ready by January 2011, and I work the first few Saturdays in January anyway, so that one is out.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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