Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To run or not to run?

This is one of those rare days, when no amount of medication can stop the pain.

When I woke up yesterday I noticed I was feeling a little achy but nothing too horrible. I have a mystery bruise on my right knee that is extremely tender, as is the skin around it. I have a long bruise on my left thigh that is also inflamed and painful. At least I know where that one came from (biking accident with the mentee on Sunday). Bruises, injuries, these can cause some flair ups, but are not usually too much of an issue.

Given the bit of pain I was feeling tired so I went to bed at 10:30 pm last night, thinking I'd be rested and get up at 6 am this morning to do my CardioX routine. Boy was I wrong.

I don't think it was the pain that kept me up initially, but the constant chatter in my brain. Of course, the storm that hit pretty hard last night around 11:30 pm, didn't help either. By midnight, I was on my laptop uploading photos for a girlfriend, something I was suppose to have done a week or so ago. By 3 am I was on the laptop again, googling scenes from "Reality Bites", don't ask why. By 5:30 am I realized that hey, I am actually up and could get out of bed to exercise at 6 am but by this point, due to the lack of sleep, it seemed as though every muscle and joint in my body was just down right pissed off and was not going to exercise, even if I did ask nicely.

When my alarm went off at 7 am, I got out of bed, slowly got dressed and made my way to work. I am moving like an 80 year old woman this morning and am wishing I could cover my entire body in bio freeze or soak in a hot tub or at the very least, need to pick up some Epsom salt for a hot bath this evening.

Thankfully, I don't have these days too often but wish I had the key to figure out what triggers them. The lack of sleep doesn't help. Stress doesn't help. Too much or not enough exercise doesn't help. Which brings me to the dilemma of the day. It's Tuesday, my day to run. Do I feel like I could physically run 6 miles right now? Hell no! But, will running help exhaust me enough to get a decent night sleep? Maybe. Or will I wake up tomorrow morning in worse shape than I am now?

It's days like these that I understand why there are people out there who say the pain is debilitating. But, I find strength in knowing that for me, this usually passes in a day or so. I hope that is something I will always be able to count on.

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